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School and Community


"Big" PTA

Once children reach Kindergarten-age, many LECPTA members choose to join the Lakewood Elementary PTA. You can also remain in both, if you'd like!

Learn More

The Lakewood Elementary PTA site contains useful information,  including a calendar of school events.

Want Swag?

Check out the Stallion Spirit Store for shirts, stickers, and more!

Feeder Pattern Links


Lakewood Elementary feeds into JL Long for middle school and Woodrow Wilson for high school. Check out the links below for more information about the schools and our state and national PTA affiliations:

JL Long Middle School (DISD)

JL Long PTA School Site

Woodrow Wilson High School (DISD)

Woodrow Wilson PTA School Site

Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation (WWHSCF)

State of Texas PTA

National PTA

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