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Join us for activities, information, support, and fun! Membership allows you and your family to participate in several membership-sponsored events, including holiday parties, adult outings, presentations, kids’ activities and playgroups, all planned by the LECPTA Board. Members are welcome to participate in all activities we offer throughout the year.

Become a Member

For only $35, your LECPTA annual membership gets you plugged into local events. You’ll receive a monthly eNewsletter with information about special programs, social events school information, and even join a playgroup!


Join a Playgroup

Get to know a group of moms with kids the same age! Playgroups are meant to be fun for both you and the kids. Socialize, grow together, and form lasting bonds with like-minded parents in the neighborhood.

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Join the Board

With a board of about 100 volunteers, there is something for everyone. Our board has members whose primary role is to support the LECPTA and others whose role is to support the Lakewood Home Festival. Board nominations start in January.  

Girl in Daisies Field

Sunshine Services

Volunteers from the LECPTA provide meals to LECPTA member families who have just delivered or adopted or require special assistance in times of need.  If you know someone who could use a little LECPTA Sunshine, contact the Sunshine chair or Submit a Sunshine form.

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