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Enriching the lives of East Dallas Children

The Lakewood Early Childhood PTA (LECPTA) is a network of more than 500 Lakewood and East Dallas families of expectant parents and parents with children from birth through Kindergarten. We are a huge support of each other through the hardships, and joys, of parenthood. Our group is a resource of information on parenting, daycare, education systems, neighborhood activities, support from other moms and dads with kids of the same age, and have a lot of fun! We encourage community involvement throughout the year with membership-sponsored events, including holiday parties, adult outings, speakers, kids’ activities and playgroups, all organized and run by our board members. There's something for everyone!


Join us, enjoy all we have to offer and become a part of our cozy East Dallas/Lakewood family. Click here to join!

Visit our LECPTA Blog

Our blog, written by one of our own parents in the community, Christy Tornelli, will feature a monthly topic of common interest for young families such as:

  • How to prepare for your child's education
  • Educational, social, active events within our community
  • How to maintain family happiness while considering parental individuality and support
Check out the LECPTA Blog

2014 Lakewood Home Festival

LECPTA extends a big THANK YOU to everyone who made this event successful!


Much appreciation to our sponsors, volunteers, home tour hosts, vendors, students, teachers, participants, community members, and anyone else not mentioned. Feedback is welcome for our Home Festival so that we can exceed expectations next year!


Click to see our 2014 Home Festival details

Make a Difference with LECPTA

LECPTA is the first step in getting involved and making a difference in our children's development, schools and community. Start the new year making new friends, sharing ideas and having fun with us.


We welcome anyone interested in joining our group and hope to see you soon!

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